2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

  • Client: EPG acted as a Subcontractor
  • Materials: Gensets with a total of 38000 kVA spread over 6 different venues
  • Service: Supplying the energy to six stadiums.

2016 UEFA European Football Championship

  • Client: UEFA
  • Materials: Gensets spread over different venues

2016 COP22 Marrakech Morocco

  • Client:
  • Material:The COPP 22 is a Convention on Climate Change.

    Mainly this power was used for the climate control inside the tents where the conference was held. The generators were set up in 6 areas and equipped with online monitoring. From one office container all areas could be monitored during the conference, so the crew could respond quickly in case of an incident.

    For this project EPG  supplied the generators and distribution containers for the COP22 event in Morocco. A total power of 25 MVA was installed divided over 6 areas.

  • Services: •
    • Remote monitoring
    • On site operating team 24/7
    • Project management

UEFA 2012

  • Client: UEFA
  • Material: Supplying the energy to all eight venues for Euro 2012, the European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine. The eight host cities, including Warsaw, Kiev and Poznan, are a great distance apart and so the tournament represents a logistical challenge.
  • Service:
    – Projectmanagement
    – Techpower
    – On site projectteam 24/7
    – Monitoring via internet

Elfstedentocht 2011

  • Client: NOB Broadcast
  • Material: x MWe, Xpc, cabling, lighttowers
  • Service:
    – supply, installation and operation of complete power infrastructure over 11 cities
    – fuel management
    – complete roll-out in two days

Olympic games Torino 2006

  • Client: GE Energy Rentals for TOROC
  • Material: 300 generators 60 MWe
  • Service:
    – special light productset adopted to transport to slopes
    – special synchronizing panels and cabling
    – installation, commissioning and operation by teams on location

FIFA World Cup Berlin 2006

  • Client: FIFA
  • Material: several MWe all with Clear Air sooth filter
  • Service: engineering team on location

Olympic games Athens 2004

  • Client: GE Energy Rentals for ATHOC
  • Material: – 150 of 275 generators; 40 of 80 MWe – fuel tanks, distribution panels, cables, ATS panels
  • Service:
    – complete engineering team on location
    – service vans for commissioning and operation by teams on location